Commercial Music

Commercial Music
Hours75 - 76 Credit Hours
LEPLimited Enrollment Program.
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MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 3 Complete 1 option
option 3.1 Complete 8.0 hours from the following course(s)
Instrumentalists and Classical Vocalists must complete the following:
option 3.2 Complete 8.0 hours from the following course(s)
Contemporary Vocalists complete the following:
requirement 4
Complete one hour of ensemble each semester for four semesters, including 2-3 hours from Category 1: Approved Large Ensembles and 1-2 hours from Category 2 ensembles.
requirement 6 Complete 2 options
Complete the following Commercial Music core courses:
option 6.2 Complete 2.0 hours from the following course(s)
Note 1: Two credit hours of this requirement may be satisfied by approved Category 1 and Category 2 ensembles for this degree.
Note 2: Courses used to fulfill Requirement 7 may not be used to fulfill other requirements.
requirement 8 Complete 1 option
option 8.1 Complete 1 course
Complete a capstone project (Music 486) or present a juried recital (Music 349). Final requirement is decided in consultation with faculty advisor.
Recital: Enroll in Music 349 (0.0 credit hour) for the semester during which a recital is to be presented. Concurrent enrollment in appropriate performance instruction is required. A prerecital hearing is required at least three weeks before juried recitals. Contact the Harris Fine Arts Center Scheduling Office (C-302 HFAC) for further information.
Program Outcomes: 


Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of the specific music and sound creation, recording, and production technologies used in today's music productions. Students need to become familiar enough with the technology that it goes from something unknown to a valuable tool in their creative process and production.

Production and Performance

Demonstrate the ability to identify and create the different components of the music production and performance process as it relates to a given music production or performance idiom.


Demonstrate the ability to apply various production, performance and business skills necessary to create commercially viable music projects from conception to completion.