Music Performance: Percussion

Music Performance: Percussion
Hours75 Credit Hours
LEPLimited Enrollment Program.
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MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 3 Complete 8.0 hours from the following course(s)
requirement 4 Complete 12.0 hours from the following course(s)
requirement 5
Complete 1 hour of Category 1: Approved Large Ensembles each semester for eight semesters.
requirement 7 Complete 1 course
requirement 9 Complete 5.0 hours from the following course(s)
MUSIC 327R - (Not currently offered)
requirement 10
Complete 5 hours of music electives. See faculty advisor.
requirement 11 Complete 1 option
Present a juried recital (Music 349) during the junior year. A juried senior recital (Music 449) is also required.
Enroll in Music 349 (0.0 credit hours) or 449 (1.0 credit hour) for the semester during which a recital is to be presented. Concurrent enrollment in appropriate performance instruction is required. A prerecital hearing is required at least three weeks before juried recitals. Contact the Harris Fine Arts Center Scheduling Office (C-302 HFAC) for further information. See supervisor of accompanying regarding guidelines for accompanist fees.
option 11.1 Complete 2 courses
Note: Students must register for 449R before applying for graduation.
Program Outcomes: 

Performance Preparation and Repertoire

Students will prepare performances at the highest possible level, demonstrating knowledge of applicable solo and ensemble literature and utilization of improvisation skills, and successfully perform from a cross-section of that repertory.

Performing with versatility

Students will be able to perform in solo recital and in ensembles on a variety of percussion instruments with a foundation or core of study on snare drum, timpani, keyboard percussion and drum set. Some exposure to all percussion (including orchestral and ethnic or world percussion) will be included. This will expand into solo and chamber literature that will demonstrate a broad spectrum of styles in both formal and informal settings.

Music Pedagogy

Students will study analysis, assessment, and applicaion of percussion methods and curriculae for use in teaching all aspects of percussion performance practices.

Music and Technology use

Students will utilize and learn how to apply technology in their performance preparation, assessment of their own performances and their teaching. This includes audio and video recordings of performances, master classes, and practice sessions. Music software for composition, improvisation, transcription, and rehearsal techniques are included in the curriculum.

(2016) With easy access of today's technology and the installation of wifi in the HFAC, the students are entering the program with prior knowledge of how to access multiple performances and continue learning and sharing to better discriminate the quality of those performances in their own preparation.

Professional Preparation

During the first two master classes of each semester, topics will be discussed that will help prepare students to deal with the professional world of performing, job interview skills, curriculum vitae and resume development, networking, procuring instruments, and important repair skills.

Real world performance scenarios will be discussed to help them be better prepared for professional situations. This includes funding opportunities at the school, college, and university level.