Educator Requirements

Educator Requirements

Educator Preparation Program (EPP) Admissions and Retention Requirements (for Students Who Apply for Teaching Majors or Teaching Minors After August 1, 2014)

Pre-teaching Majors

Students (undergraduates, graduates, and post-baccalaureate students) wishing to pursue a teaching major must complete the following:

  1. Declare the corresponding pre-teaching major.

  2. Register on the BYU Educator Preparation Program (EPP) management system, mYlink, at

  3. Complete the requirements for application for the teaching major.

Note: To declare a teaching minor, a student must be admitted to a teaching major and meet all retention requirements for both the major and minors.

Teaching Majors: Minimum EPP Admission Standards

Students must apply to the appropriate program and meet the following standards:

  1. Minimum total GPA of 3.0 (including transfer credit and all BYU credits).

  2. Utah State Board of Education (USBE)-cleared fingerprint background check.

  3. USBE-approved basic skills test (i.e., ACT, SAT, Praxis Core Test).

  4. Pass all required EPP assessments (e.g., Technology Skills Assessment, dispositions assessment).

  5. Complete all program-specific admissions requirements (see each teaching major).

Teaching Majors: Minimum EPP Retention Standards

Students must meet the following standards:

*Note: To be recommended for student teaching, a student must have a total GPA of at least 3.0; all coursework must be completed and teaching major and teaching minor coursework grades must be a C or better.

  1. Demonstration of content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, pedagogical skills, and integration of technology across those domains.

    1. Maintain a total GPA of no less than 3.0*

    2. Receive a "C" or better in all education-related and major required courses (including any courses taken prior to acceptance into a teaching major)*

    3. Demonstrate sufficient and timely progress in coursework and field experiences

  2. Demonstration of basic teaching capabilities.

    1. Teach to the Utah Effective Teaching Standards

    2. Teach to college- and career-ready standards (i.e., Utah Common Core Standards)

    3. Teach effectively with positive impacts on P-12 student learning and development

  3. Maintain a USBE-cleared fingerprint background check.

  4. Demonstrate professional ethics, behavior, and dispositions (e.g., BYU Honor Code, including dress and grooming standard; dispositions assessment; Utah Effective Teaching Standard #10; and Utah Board Rule 277R-515 Utah Educator Standards).

  5. Maintain all program and major-specific retention requirements.

Requirements for Graduation and Recommendation for Utah State Licensure

Students must meet the following requirements for graduation from BYU with a teaching major and for recommendation to the Utah State Board of Education for a teaching license:

  • Pass the content-specific Praxis Subjects Assessment test (formerly Praxis II test) for applicable teaching majors and minors.

  • Meet the established EPP performance criteria for successful completion of student teaching in the major and minor teaching areas.

  • Meet the established EPP performance criteria for successful completion of capstone assignments/assessments (e.g., Teacher Work Sample, Performance Assessment & Evaluation System).

  • Meet the established performance criteria for successful completion of all program- and major-specific graduation requirements.

  • Maintain USBE-cleared fingerprint background clearance in effect four weeks after graduation.

  • Complete and maintain all EPP admission, retention, and graduation requirements.

  • Pay all fees for graduation and any other outstanding university charges.

  • Meet all requirements for recommendation for Utah licensure.