Computer Science

Computer Science: Software Engineering

Computer Science: Software Engineering
Hours74 - 76 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

Grades below C- are not allowed in major courses.
Note: A student may only take CS 494 and 495 or take CS 480 and 481.
requirement 2 Complete 1 option
option 2.1 Complete 1 course
option 2.2 Complete 1 course
C S 480 - (Not currently offered)
requirement 3 Complete 1 option
option 3.1 Complete 1 course
option 3.2 Complete 1 course
C S 481 - (Not currently offered)
Note: Students should complete the sections of C S 494 and 495 designated for the Software Engineering emphasis.
requirement 5 Complete 1 option
option 5.1 Complete 1 course
MATH 313 - (Not currently offered)
requirement 8 Complete 2 courses
Courses will not double count between Requirement 4 and Requirement 5.
Note: If C S 493R, C S 498R, or C S 501R is chosen, it must be taken for 3 credit hours.
requirement 9
Complete Senior Exit interview with the C S department during last semester or term.
Note: Math 112, Math 113, Phscs 121, Engl 316, and C S 312 can be used to fill both General Education and program requirements. Advanced Writing and Oral Communication: Engl 316. Quantitative Reasoning: Math 112 or 113. Languages of Learning: Math 112 or 113. Physical Science: C S 312 or Phscs 121.
Program Outcomes: 

Computational Practice:

Students will design and implement significant computer programs that meet a human need and will develop expertise in software engineering.

Computational Theory:

Students will analyze problems and their algorithmic solutions using theoretical concepts.

Career Preparation

Students will have sufficient maturity in computer science to work in a professional setting in computer science or software engineering or to enter a graduate program.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our program is accessible to everyone, including women, minorities, and those new to programming, and provides an equal opportunity for every student to succeed.